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The Columbia Nonneutral Torus: A New Experiment to Confine Nonneutral and Positron-Electron Plasmas in a Stellarator

Thomas Sunn Pedersen, Allen H. Boozer, Jason Paul Kremer, Remi G. Lefrancois, Wayne T. Reiersen, Fred Dahlgren, Neil Pomphrey

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 46 / Number 1 / July 2004 / Pages 200-208

Technical Paper / Stellarators /

The Columbia Nonneutral Torus is a new stellarator experiment being built at Columbia University, New York, to study the confinement of nonneutral and electron-positron plasmas. It will be a two-period, ultralow aspect ratio classical stellarator configuration created from four circular coils. The theory of the confinement and transport of pure electron plasmas on magnetic surfaces is reviewed. The guiding principles behind the experimental design are presented, together with the actual experimental design configuration.

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