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Confinement of Alpha Particles in Low-Aspect-Ratio Deuterium-Tritium Ignited Tokamaks

Lijian Qiu, Shaojie Wang, Qiang Xu

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 34 / Number 1 / August 1998 / Pages 1-5

Technical Paper /

The effect of reducing the aspect ratio on the confinement of deuterium-tritium fusion products, i.e., alpha particles, in tokamaks is discussed. It is shown that for low-aspect-ratio tokamak reactors, the alpha-particle heating efficiency can be similar to conventional tokamaks; at the same time, the alpha-particle confinement time can be much shorter than that of conventional tokamaks. Thus, one can facilitate alpha-particle ash removal while maintaining high alpha-particle heating efficiency by reducing the aspect ratio.

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