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The LMJ Cryogenic Target Assembly: Functions and Fabrication

Ph. Baclet, S. Bednarczyk, R. Botrel, H. Bourcier, O. Breton, R. Collier, E. Fleury, O. Legaie, J. Schunk, J. P. Perin, B. Reneaume, M. Theobald

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 45 / Number 2 / March 2004 / Pages 276-281

Technical Paper / Target Fabrication /

The Megajoule Laser cryogenic system fills, transports and inserts on the Cryogenic Target Positioner (CTP) individual Cryogenic Target Assemblies (CTAs), which are manipulated at about 20K by several cryogenic grippers.

This CTA has to meet severe specifications imposed by implosion physics, its own thermal environment, and to respect a lot of interfaces with the permeation cell of the filling station, the several cryogenic grippers, the Megajoule laser interaction chamber,... Therefore, the CTA definition is very complex, and induces a lot of challenging tasks for its fabrication. During the last year, many improvements have been achieved allowing the realization of the first CTA prototype at scale one.

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