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Demonstration of Symmetry Control of Infrared Heated Deuterium Layers in Hohlraums

B. J. Kozioziemski, R. A. London, R. L. McEachern, D. N. Bittner

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 45 / Number 2 / March 2004 / Pages 262-270

Technical Paper / Target Fabrication /

Infrared smoothed deuterium ice layers inside capsules have been successfully demonstrated for capsules inside cylindrical hohlraums. Improved characterization methods and infrared illumination enables low mode control in both the axial and azimuthal directions. We demonstrate control of the first two axial modes and first azimuthal mode using IR pointing. We demonstrate ice layers with axial P1 amplitude less than 1 m, and a reduction in P2 amplitude from 20% to 8% of the ice thickness. Results of these experiments will be used to derive accuracy requirements for an infrared heating system for ice layers in hohlraums on NIF.

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