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Local Measurements of Plasma Beta in GDT Using MSE Diagnostic

A.A. Ivanov, P.A. Bagryansky, P.P. Deichuli, S.A. Korepanov, A.A. Lizunov, S.V. Murakhtin, V. Ya. Savkin, G. Fiksel, D. Den Hartog

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 43 / Number 1T / January 2003 / Pages 265-267

Diagnostics /

Published:February 8, 2018

The measurements of the radial profile of β for two-component plasma were performed on the gas-dynamic trap using the MSE diagnostic. The maximal value of magnetic field perturbation (ΔB/B) was 0.2 allowing to estimate the β as 40%. The profile radius was ≈7 cm, which is only slightly greater than the fast ion gyroradius mapped onto the GDT midplane. The possible mechanisms of a steep plasma pressure profile is under consideration.

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