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Experiments with Controllable Application of Radial Electric Fields in GDT Central Cell

P.A. Bagryansky, A.A. Lizunov, A.A. Zuev, E. Yu. Kolesnikov, A.L. Solomachin

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 43 / Number 1T / January 2003 / Pages 152-156

Transport and Confinement /

Published:February 8, 2018

Influence of the radial electric field on the MHD-stability was studied in the GDT using a set of biased end plates and limiters that provided a possibility to control radial profile of the plasma potential. It was shown that biasing of the limiters or peripheral end plate section to a potential of 250 - 300 V leads to considerable increase of the energy confinement time due to reduction of the electric field in the plasma volume. MHD-stability of the plasma was observed in this regime with the remote anchors not energized. The possible stabilization mechanism associated with radial electric field is discussed.

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