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Chapter 7: High-Density H-Mode Operation in ASDEX Upgrade

Jörg Karl Stober, Peter Thomas Lang, Vitus Mertens

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 44 / Number 3 / November 2003 / Pages 650-658

Technical Paper / ASDEX Upgrade /

Recent results are reported on the maximum achievable H-mode density and the behavior of pedestal density and central density peaking as this limit is approached. The maximum achievable H-mode density roughly scales as the Greenwald density, though a dependence on Bt is clearly observed. In contrast to the stiff temperature profiles, the density profiles seem to allow more shape variation and especially with high-field-side pellet-injection, strongly peaked profiles with good confinement have been achieved. Also, spontaneous density peaking at high densities is observed in ASDEX Upgrade, which is related to the generally observed large time constants for the density profile equilibration. The equilibrated density profile shapes depend strongly on the heat-flux profile in the sense that central heating leads to significantly flatter profiles.

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