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Relaxation of Surface Tension Waves on a Liquid Metal Mirror for a Fast-Ignition Laser Fusion Plant

Takayoshi Norimatsu, Oleg Kotyaev, Yoshinori Shimada, Shinri Kurahashi, Shinji Motokoshi, Katsuhiro Mikami, Kei Sasaki, Takahisa Jitsuno, Kohei Yamanoi, Hiroyuki Furukawa, Tomoaki Kunugi

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 70 / Number 3 / November 2016 / Pages 417-422

Technical Paper /

First Online Publication:September 21, 2016
Updated:November 2, 2016

A grazing incidence, shallow liquid metal mirror could be used as the final optic for the heating laser in a fast-ignition fusion power plant. The relaxation of vibrations on the surface of liquid mercury following laser irradiation was measured experimentally in this study. The results suggested that vibrations on a 0.25-mm-thick mirror were small enough to allow 4-Hz laser operation.

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