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Regular Foams, Loaded Foams and Capsule Suspension in the Foam for Hohlraums in ICF

N. G. Borisenko, A. I. Gromov, Yu. A. Merkulev, A. V. Mitrofanov., W. Nazarov

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 38 / Number 1 / July 2000 / Pages 115-118

Technical Paper / Thirteenth Target Fabrication Specialists’ Meeting /

Many target designs for laser- and ion-driven ICF include foam parts for direct and indirect targets to be investigated in continuing plasma experiments. The freestanding soft foams are described here for comparative plasma experiments. They are pure foam, foam loaded with fine metal dopants or with nanoscale metal seeds. The foams produced and studied have similar fine and regular structure, densities around critical for the third harmonics of Nd-laser and are appropriate for use inside hohlraums. A technique was developed to fill cylinders with such low-density foams and to suspend symmetrically hollow capsules inside.

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