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Studies in Microcellular Polymer Foams, Produced by Copolymerization

Wigen Nazarov, Philip G. McGivern

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 38 / Number 1 / July 2000 / Pages 110-114

Technical Paper / Thirteenth Target Fabrication Specialists’ Meeting /

Acrylate foams have been used extensively in the fabrication of target components for laser experiments. Acrylates are efficient systems especially for photoinitiation processes, however, at very low-density range these foams are not very strong and tend to be fragile. A method for the production of foams produced by free radical co-polymerization of some selected pairs of monomers is described in this paper. Foams produced by the co-polymerization of some pairs of monomers have increased the strength significantly at lower density range. Specifically, the use of 1,1’-(Methylenedi-4,1-phenylene) bis maleimide in the co-polymerization has proved very successful. This study also describes the effect of solvents on foam densities.

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