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Characteristics of ICF Relevant Hohlraums Driven by X-Rays from a Z-Pinch

T. W. L. Sanford, R. E. Olson, R. A. Vesey, G. A. Chandler, D. E. Hebron, R. C. Mock, R. J. Leeper, T. J. Nash, C. L. Ruiz, L. E. Ruggles, W. W. Simpson, R. L. Bowers, W. Matuska, D. L. Peterson, R. R. Peterson

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 38 / Number 1 / July 2000 / Pages 11-15

Technical Paper / Thirteenth Target Fabrication Specialists’ Meeting /

Radiation environments characteristic of those encountered during the low-temperature foot pulse and subsequent higher-temperature early-step pulses (without the foot pulse) required for indirect-drive ICF ignition on the National Ignition Facility have been produced in hohlraums driven by x-rays from a z-pinch. These environments provide a platform to better understand the dynamics of full-scale NIF hohlraums, ablator material, and capsules prior to NIF completion. Radiation temperature, plasma fill, and wall motion of these hohlraums are discussed.

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