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Numerical Study of Shock-Cylinder Banks Interactions

S. P. Wang, M. H. Anderson, J. G. Oakley, R. Bonazza

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 44 / Number 1 / July 2003 / Pages 127-131

Technical Paper / Fusion Energy - IFE Chamber Technology /

A numerical parametric study of shock-cylinder banks interactions is presented using a high resolution Euler solver. Staggered cylinder banks of five rows are chosen with the purpose of modeling IFE reactor cooling tube banks. The effect of the aspect ratio of the intercylinder pitch to the distance between successive cylinder rows on the vertical pressure forces acting on the cylinders with different geometries is investigated. Preliminary results show that the largest vertical force develops on the cylinders of the second or third row. This peak pressure force increases with decreasing values of the aspect ratio. It is shown that an increasing second force peak also appears on the successive rows, starting with the second one, with decreasing aspect ratio. It is also observed that the force on the last-row cylinders basically decreases to the level of that on the first row. The results are useful for the optimal design of the cooling tubes system of IFE reactors.

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