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Experimental Investigation and Analysis of the Effective Thermal Properties of Beryllium Packed Beds

A. Abou-Sena, A. Ying, M. Abdou

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 44 / Number 1 / July 2003 / Pages 79-84

Technical Paper / Fusion Energy - MFE Chamber Technology /

Beryllium, in its pebble form, has been proposed in various blanket concepts to serve different purposes. Thermal property data for such a heterogeneous packed bed is needed, particularly data on the impact of compression forces on its magnitude and consequent temperature profile. The objectives of this work are to obtain and quantify experimental data on the effective thermal conductivity of a Be-He packed bed, on the interface heat conductance between Be and SiC, and on the effects of externally applied pressure on these effective thermal properties. The effective thermal conductivity of a Be-He pebble bed increases as the bed mean temperature increases. The values of effective thermal conductivity vary from 2.15 to 3.00 W/m.K for bed mean temperature ranges from 90 to 420 °C. Similar temperature effects are seen in the Be/SiC interface heat conductance, as the values of interface heat conductance range from 1140 to 2200 W/m2.K. In addition, effective thermal conductivity increases remarkably with the increase of applied pressure (by a factor of 2.53 at 2 MPa), while it remains higher than the initial value by ~0.3 W/m.K when external pressure is released (hysteresis effect).

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