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Status of Safety and Environmental Activities for Inertial Fusion Energy

J. F. Latkowski, S. Reyes, L. C. Cadwallader, J. P. Sharpe, T. D. Marshall, B. J. Merrill, R. L. Moore, D. A. Petti, R. Falquina, A. Rodriguez, J. Sanz, O. Cabellos

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 44 / Number 1 / July 2003 / Pages 34-40

Technical Paper / Fusion Energy - Fusion Plenary and Overview /

Over the past several years, significant progress has been made in the analysis of safety and environmental (S&E) issues for inertial fusion energy (IFE). Detailed safety assessments have been performed for the baseline power plant concepts, as well as for a conceptual target fabrication facility. Safety analysis results are helping to drive the agenda for experiments. A survey of the S&E characteristics - both radiological and chemical - of candidate target materials has been completed. Accident initiating events have been identified and incorporated into master logic diagrams, which will be essential to the detailed safety analyses that will be needed in the future. Studies of aerosol generation and transport will have important safety implications. A Monte Carlo-based uncertainty analysis procedure has been developed for use in neutron activation calculations. Finally, waste management issues are receiving increased attention and are deserving of further discussion.

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