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U.S. Contribution to the Phase 2A, Part 2 International Tokamak Reactor Workshop, 1983–1985, June 1985

W. M. Stacey, Jr., C. C. Baker, Patrick L. Colestock, Charles A. Flanagan, Richard F. Mattas, Y-K. Martin Peng, Douglass E. Post, Dale L. Smith, P. T. Spampinato, Richard J. Thome

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 11 / Number 2 / March 1987 / Pages 317-345

Technical Paper / Experimental Device /

Critical technical issues that affect the feasibility of the International Tokamak Reactor (INTOR) concept for a next-generation tokamak experimental reactor are analyzed. The results of these studies are used to update the recommended design concept for INTOR.

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