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JT-60 Control System

I. Yonekawa, Y. Kawamata, T. Totsuka, H. Akasaka, M. Sueoka, K. Kurihara, T. Kimura, JT-60U Team

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 42 / Number 2,3 / September/November 2002 / Pages 521-529

Technical Paper /

The present status of the JT-60U control system is reported including its original design concept, the progress of the system, and various modifications since the JT-60 upgrade. This control system has features of a functionally distributed and hierarchical structure, using CAMAC interfaces initially, which have been replaced by versatile module Europe (VME)-bus interfaces, and a protective interlock system composed of both software and hard-wired interlock logics. Plant monitoring and control are performed by efficient data communication through CAMAC highways and Ethernet with TCP/IP protocols. Sequential control of plasma discharges is executed by a combination of a remodeled VME-bus system and a timing system. A real-time plasma control system and a human interface system have been continuously modified corresponding to the progress of JT-60U experiments.

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