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Operation and Development of the 500-keV Negative-Ion-Based Neutral Beam Injection System for JT-60U

M. Kuriyama, N. Akino, N. Ebisawa, L. Grisham, A. Honda, T. Itoh, M. Kawai, M. Kazawa, K. Mogaki, Y. Ohara, T. Ohga, Y. Okumura, H. Oohara, N. Umeda, K. Usui, K. Watanabe, M. Yamamoto, T. Yamamoto

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 42 / Number 2,3 / September/November 2002 / Pages 410-423

Technical Paper /

The 500-keV negative-ion based neutral beam injector for JT-60U started operation in 1996. The beam power has been increased gradually through optimizing operation parameters of the ion sources and conquering many troubles in the ion source and power supplies caused by a high voltage break-down in the accelerator. However, some issues remain to be solved concerning the ion source for increasing further the beam power and the beam energy. The most serious issue of them is non-uniformity of source plasma in the arc chamber. Various countermeasures have been implemented to improve the non-uniformity. Some of those countermeasures have been found to be partially effective in reducing the non-uniformity of the source plasma, and as the result the ion source, so far, has accelerated negative-ion beams of 17.4A at 403keV with deuterium and 20A at 360keV with hydrogen against the goal of 22A at 500keV. The neutral beam injection power into the plasma has reached 5.8MW at 400keV with deuterium. Further efforts to reach the target of 10MW at 500keV have been continued.

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