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Wall Conditioning and Experience of the Carbon-Based First Wall in JT-60U

K. Masaki, J. Yagyu, T. Arai, A. Kaminaga, K. Kodama, N. Miya, T. Ando, H. Hiratsuka, M. Saidoh

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 42 / Number 2,3 / September/November 2002 / Pages 386-395

Technical Paper /

JT-60U has a variety of wall-conditioning methods such as baking of the vacuum vessel, helium Taylor discharge cleaning, helium glow discharge cleaning, tokamak discharge cleaning, and boronization. Using these wall-conditioning methods, the high-power operation of JT-60U has been successfully carried out with the carbon-based first wall. The material behavior of the carbon-based first wall has been investigated, and important knowledge was obtained on mechanical engineering and plasma surface interactions. In order to understand the tritium behavior in JT-60U, tritium retention in the first wall and tritium exhausted through the pumping system were measured. These results yield useful information on the tritium behavior in a future DT fusion machine.

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