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Conceptual Design of Fusion Experimental Reactor(FER)

T.Tone, N.Fujisawa, Y.Seki, H.Iida, K.Tachikawa, M.Sugihara, A.Minato, S.Nishio, T.Yamamoto, K.Kitamura, K.Ueda, S.Saito, R.Shimada, Y.Matsuda, Y.Naruse, S.Shimamoto, S.Tamura, M.Yoshikawa, K.Tomabechi

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 4 / Number 2P2 / September 1983 / Pages 573-578

Fusion System Studies /

Conceptual design studies of the Fusion Experimental Reactor (FER) have been performed. The FER has an objective of achieving self-ignition and demonstrating engineering feasibility as a next generation tokamak to JT-60. Various concepts of the FER have been considered. The reference design is based on a double-null divertor. Optional design studies with some attractive features based on advanced concepts such as pumped limiter and RF current drive have been carried out. Key design parameters are; fusion power of 440 MW, average neutron wall loading of 1MW/m2, major radius of 5.5m, plasma minor radius of 1.1m, plasma elongation of 1.5, plasma current of 5.3MA, toroidal beta of 4%, toroidal field on plasma axis of 5.7T and tritium breeding ratio of above unity.

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