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Lifetime Analysis of Beryllium Pebbles in a Hybrid Fusion Blanket

L. G. Miller, J. M. Beeston, P. Y. Hsu, B. L. Harris

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 4 / Number 2P2 / September 1983 / Pages 427-432

Materials Engineering /

The lifetime of hollow beryllium pebbles in a hybrid fusion blanket was estimated using the existing radiation damage data base. The ductility of the irradiated beryllium at 400 to 500°C was estimated as ∼3%, and the loading stresses produced a strain of <0.3%. The failure analysis was based on the maximum stress theory. The principal stresses calculated were thermal and swelling. The estimated lifetimes for beryllium pebbles were <2 yr for those near the first wall of the blanket, >2 yr for those near the center, and >9 yr for those near the back wall. An overall average lifetime of 2.6 yr was calculated for the hollow beryllium pebbles. The snap-ring fuel form, not considered in this analysis, is expected to give longer beryllium lifetimes, provided stress concentration effects are not present.

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