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Viability of the 11B(p,α) 2α Cycle

J. D. Gordon, T. K. Samec, S. A. Freije, B. I. Hauss

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 4 / Number 2P2 / September 1983 / Pages 348-352

Alternate Fuels /

We have evaluated the energetics of the proton-11boron advanced fuel fusion cycle and find that the enhancement of reactivity obtained from non-thermal mechanisms is significantly less than the enhancement required for ignition or high gain operation. Based on a detailed calculation of synchrotron radiation losses, at least 135% enhancement of the reactivity is needed for ignition. The direct and induced radioactivity associated with the cycle, while being orders of magnitude lower than that of D-T, is not negligible and requires serious attention in the design. Thus, we conclude that, using our present physics knowledge, the p-11B cycle is not viable for commercial fusion power.

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