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Construction of the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor

James W. French, Bernard J. Fedor, Lawrence E. Shaw, Maurice M. Sabado

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 4 / Number 2P2 / September 1983 / Pages 326-335

Large Construction Projects /

The TFTR construction project is reviewed in three significant phases - Conceptual/Preliminary Design; Final Design/Procurement; and Installation/Assembly. Project organization and responsibilities of major participants are described. A brief discussion on management systems and control including Budgets, Schedules, Costs and Funding is followed by a description of the initial phase of the project highlighting key design issues, engineering tradeoffs, and related research and development programs. Discussion of the Final Design/Procurement Phase focuses on engineering evolution and design changes including selected component problems. The Installation/Assembly Phase of TFTR is described in its significant operations including assembly plans and methods; the role of craft labor in construction of the device; and the problems inherent in large component-close tolerance construction.

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