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Effects of Enhanced Ion/Electron Equilibration Power on CAT-D Tokamak Ignition

J. Galambos, G. H. Miley

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 4 / Number 2P2 / September 1983 / Pages 241-245

Alternate Fuels /

The ion to electron temperature ratio (Ti/Te) is a crucial parameter that affects fusion plasma performance, especially for higher temperature advanced fuel operation. An important factor in the determination of Ti/Te is the equilibration of energy between ions and electrons. The effect of changes on equilibration rates due to the presence of a magnetic field are considered here. It is found that rates are increased for low beta (∼10%) high temperatures (∼75 keV) Cat-D plasmas, causing a decrease in Ti/Te and a corresponding increase in nτE tor ignition of ∼75%. This effect is less pronounced for high-beta plasmas. Scaling of the changes in equilibration power with macroscopic quantities are presented.

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