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Tritium Measurements for 6Li-Enriched Li2TiO3 Breeding Blanket Experiments with D-T Neutrons

Axel Klix, Kentaro Ochiai, Yasuaki Terada, Yuichi Morimoto, Michinori Yamauchi, Junichi Hori, Takeo Nishitani

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 41 / Number 3P2 / May 2002 / Pages 1040-1043

Blanket Material and Process / Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Tritium Science and Technology Tsukuba, Japan November 12-16, 2001 /

The JAERI Fusion Neutronics Source (FNS) group has carried out experiments with breeding blanket mock-ups composed of layers of beryllium, ferritic steel F82H and 6Li enriched lithium titanate ceramics, Li2TiO3. Pellets of enriched Li2TiO3 with a diameter of 12 mm and a thickness of 2 mm were used as detectors inside the tritium breeding layer. After irradiation, the pellets were dissolved and the tritium activity in the sample solution was measured by liquid scintillation counting.The experimentally obtained tritium production profile in the lithium titanate layer agreed well with MCNP calculations within the estimated error range of the experimental values (10%). Tritium loss from the pellet during storage time at room temperature, a few days, was experimentally found to be negligible.

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