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Progress of the Engineering Design for the HT-7U Steady-State Superconducting Tokamak

Songtao Wu, Weiyue Wu, Yinnian Pan, Damao Yao, Ziying Liao, Yanfang Bi, Zhuoming Chen, Baozeng Li, Yuntao Song, Wenge Chen, Jin Fang, Peide Weng, Daming Gao, Jiangang Li, Yuanxi Wan, Honqiang Li, Wanjiang Pan, Junling Chen, Jing Wei

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 42 / Number 1 / July 2002 / Pages 146-154

Technical Paper /

The HT-7U superconducting (SC) tokamak will have a long-pulse capability, a flexible poloidal field (PF) system, and auxiliary heating and current drive systems, and it will be able to accommodate divertor heat loads that make it an attractive test for the development of advanced tokamak operating modes. The greatest progress has been made on the engineering design of the HT-7U SC tokamak device, including the calculation and simulation of plasma shaping and control of the PF system as well as calculation and analyses of stress and deformation distribution on the main components caused by dynamic electromagnetic forces, vacuum pressure, temperature differences, etc. Significant research and development progress on the design and the testing of the cable-in-conduit conductor of the toroidal field and PF has been made. A test facility system for the SC magnets of HT-7U has been set up and operated.

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