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Overview of Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactor Design Study in China

Jinhua Huang, Kaiming Feng, Baiquan Deng, P. Zh. Deng, Guoshu Zhang, Gang Hu, Kaihui He, SWIP Design Team, Yican Wu, Lijian Qiu, Qunying Huang, Bingjia Xiao, Xiaoping Liu, Yixue Chen, M. H. Kong, ASIPP Design Team

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 42 / Number 1 / July 2002 / Pages 138-145

Technical Paper /

The motivation for developing fusion-fission hybrid reactors is discussed in the context of electricity power requirements by 2050 in China. A detailed conceptual design of the Fusion Experimental Breeder (FEB) was developed from 1986-1995. The FEB has a subignited tokamak fusion core with a major radius of 4.0 m, a fusion power of 145 MW, and a fusion energy gain Q of 3. Based on this, an engineering outline design study of the FEB, FEB-E, has been performed. This design study is a transition from conceptual to engineering design in this research. The main results beyond that given in the detailed conceptual design are included in this paper, namely, the design studies of the blanket, divertor, test blanket, and tritium and environment issues. In-depth analyses have been performed to support the design. Studies of related advanced concepts such as the waste transmutation blanket concept and the spherical tokamak core concept are also presented.

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