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Tritium Deformation Interactions in FCC Austenitic Steels

Jacques ChĂȘne

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 54 / Number 2 / August 2008 / Pages 506-509

Technical Paper / Materials Interactions /

Hydrogen deformation interactions are known to control the environmental degradation effects (H and 3He embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking,...) associated with the presence of H and its isotopes in structural materials. Different types of interaction have been investigated : trapping on stress field and strain-induced defects, enhanced diffusion along dislocation networks, transport by moving dislocation. For several reasons, the quantification of these interactions is a major challenge in nuclear systems involving the presence of tritium : prevention of tritium-induced damage, tritium inventory, management of tritiated waste...

This paper reports recent results on the quantitative characterization of tritium deformation interactions in fcc materials.

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