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Best Practice Procedures for Making Direct Drive Cylindrical Targets for Studies of Convergent Hydrodynamics

Norman Elliott, Cris W. Barnes, Steven H. Batha, Robert D. Day, Joyce Elliott, Peter Gobby, Veronica Gomez, Douglas Hatch, Nicholas E. Lanier, Glenn R. Magelssen, Ruben Manzanares, Ron Perea, Timothy Pierce, Gerald Rivera, David Sandoval, John M. Scott, Warren Steckle, David L. Tubbs, Stephen Rothman, Colin Horsfield, A. Michael Dunne, Kenneth W. Parker

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 41 / Number 3P1 / May 2002 / Pages 196-202

Technical Paper / Fourteenth Target Fabrication Specialists' Meeting /

The production of cylindrical targets involves numerous steps. These steps are shared in common with many other types of Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) targets but no other single target encompasses such a wide range of fabrication techniques. These targets consist of a large number of individual parts, virtually all fabricated from commercially purchased raw material. As an example, the polystyrene used is synthesized in house from purchased monomer material. This material must be polymerized, purified, characterized and put into solution before it is even first used in the making of a target. Because virtually every manufacturing and assembly process we currently use is involved in the production of these targets, this paper is written as a way documenting the methods used.

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