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Mega-Electron-Volt Ion Loss Measurements in JET D-3He Plasmas Using Activation Technique

Georges Bonheure, Elisabeth Wieslander, Mikael Hult, Joël Gasparro, Gerd Marissens, Dirk Arnold, Matthias Laubenstein, Sergei Popovichev, Andrea Murari, Igor Lengar, JET-EFDA Contributors

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 53 / Number 3 / April 2008 / Pages 806-815

Technical Paper /

Measurements of mega-electron-volt charged-particle losses in the JET tokamak are reported. The technique is based on sample activation by nuclear reaction from mega-electron-volt particles. Samples are used as flux monitors for leaking fusion plasma particles in the mega-electron-volt energy range. Ultra-low-level gamma-ray measurements were performed at three underground facilities in order to significantly enhance detection levels. Two measured radionuclides (48V and 7Be) were identified as produced predominantly from charged-particle reactions. Quantitative data on charged-particle fluxes to the wall were obtained for the first time as well as angular distribution with respect to the magnetic field.

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