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Flow-Driven Drift Instability in a Multiple-Mirror Trap

D. I. Skovorodin, A. D. Beklemishev

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 63 / Number 1T / May 2013 / Pages 256-258

Numerical kinetic code capable to integrate the dynamical collisional kinetic equation has been developed. The steady state distribution of ions in a mirror cell with flow-through plasmas has been calculated. It has shown that near separatrix there is a phase-space region with unstable inverted gradient of the distribution function. The dispersion relation of the oscillations with ~ b (b is bounce-frequency of ions) has been treated analytically for simplified model with b = const. Interaction of passing ions with the oscillations has been considered. It is found that passing ions could lead to instability as long as their flow velocity is high enough.

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