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Conceptual Design of Fast Ignition Power Plant KOYO-F Driven by Cooled Yb:YAG Ceramic Laser

T. Norimatsu, J. Kawanaka, M. Miyanaga, H. Azechi, K. Mima, H. Furukawa, Y. Kozaki, K. Tomabechi

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 52 / Number 4 / November 2007 / Pages 893-900

Technical Paper / Inertial Fusion Technology: Drivers and Advanced Designs /

Recent progress on fast ignition (FI) and cooled Yb:YAG ceramic laser enable us to design an IFE power plant with a 1MJ-class, compact laser whose output energy is 1/4 of previous central ignition scheme. Basing on the FI scheme, we conceptually designed a laser fusion power plant driven with cooled-Yb:YAG, ceramic lasers. The cooled Yb-YAG ceramic was newly chosen as the laser material. We found that the heating laser for ignition could be constructed with the cooled Yb:YAG ceramics as well as the compression laser with acceptable electricity-laser conversion efficiencies including the electric power for the cooling system. A new reactor scheme for a liquid wall reactor that has no stagnation point of ablated gas was proposed.

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