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Helium Implantation Effects on Retention Behavior of Hydrogen Isotopes in Oxygen-Contained Boron Films

A. Yoshikawa, Y. Oya, H. Miyauchi, T. Nakahata, Y. Nishikawa, T. Suda, E. Igarashi, M. Oyaidzu, M. Tokitani, H. Iwakiri, N. Yoshida, K. Okuno

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 52 / Number 4 / November 2007 / Pages 870-874

Technical Paper / First Wall, Blanket, and Shield /

He+ implantation effects on the Retention behavior of hydrogen isotopes implanted into 35% oxygen-contained boron film was studied by means of SEM, AFM, XPS and TDS. It was found that the D retention for only D2+ implanted film was the highest and it decreased for pre-He+ implanted film and post-He+ implanted film. From the SEM and AFM images, the surface morphology of the oxygen-contained boron film was partly cracked, indicating that B2O3 was formed in the film. From the TDS and XPS results, the defective structure and the formation of B-D-B bond, B-D bond and B-O-D bond were observed by He+ and D2+ implantation, respectively. It was suggested that oxygen was trapped as B-O bond. The reaction with implanted D2+ was preceded in different mechanism.

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