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Development of PIV Technique Under Magnetic Fields and Measurement of Turbulent Pipe Flow of Flibe Simulant Fluid

J. Takeuchi, S. Satake, T. Kunugi, T. Yokomine, N. B. Morley, M. A. Abdou

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 52 / Number 4 / November 2007 / Pages 860-864

Technical Paper / First Wall, Blanket, and Shield /

An investigation of MHD effects on a Flibe (Li2BeF4) simulant fluid has been conducted under the US-Japan JUPITER-II collaboration program using "FLIHY" pipe flow facility at UCLA. The present paper reports a development of unique experimental techniques using aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide as a Flibe simulant. In order to apply a particle image velocimetry (PIV) technique for magnetic field condition, special optical devices were developed. The PIV measurements of MHD turbulent pipe flow at Re = 5300 were performed, and modification of the mean flow velocity as well as turbulence suppression was observed. A flat velocity profile in the pipe center and a steep velocity gradient in the near-wall region at Ha = 20 exhibits typical characteristics of Hartmann flow.

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