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Modeling of a Z-IFE Hydrogen Plant Using MELCOR-H2

Sal B. Rodriguez, Randall O. Gauntt, Randy Cole, Katherine McFadden, Fred Gelbard, Len Malczynski, Billy Martin, Shripad T. Revankar, Karen Vierow, Dave Louie, Louis Archuleta

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 52 / Number 3 / October 2007 / Pages 752-755

Technical Paper / The Technology of Fusion Energy - Nonelectric Applications /

A hypothetical Z-Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE) plant was coupled to a sulfur iodine (SI) thermochemical cycle using a new version of MELCOR called MELCOR-H2. MELCOR-H2 was designed to model nuclear reactors that are coupled to thermochemical plants for the production of electricity and hydrogen.

The Z-IFE input model consisted of three major system components - a fusion heat source control volume with several types of boundary conditions, an SI loop, and a Brayton secondary system. The components were coupled in order to investigate system feedback and hydrogen production. The input model was modified so that various parametric studies could be conducted. Particular emphasis was placed on plant operating temperature and maximizing hydrogen production.

This paper summarizes the results of the SI system model as it was driven by temperature changes in the primary circuit that simulated those that would occur in a Z-IFE driven reactor.

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