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Model and Mockup of DEMO Ceramic Breeding Zone for Testing in the IVV-2M Reactor

V. Kapychev, V. Gorokhov, D. Davydov, V. Demidov, Yu. Kazennov, V. Tebus, V. Frolov, A. Shikov, N. Shishkov, V. Kovalenko, A. Lopatkin, A. Marachev, V. Shishkin, Yu. Strebkov, L. Men'kin, A. Zyryanov

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 39 / Number 1 / January 2001 / Pages 45-53

Technical Paper /

A model of a ceramic breeding zone has been designed and manufactured for testing in the IVV-2M fission reactor. The model contains both lithium orthosilicate and beryllium spheroid particles 1 to 2 mm in diameter. The structural material is ferritic-martensitic stainless steel. In addition, a mockup of the model for verification of neutronics calculation methods has been designed and manufactured. A special facility (Functional In-Reactor Investigations of Tritium-Breeding Models) has been designed, fabricated, and assembled at the reactor for studying the kinetics of tritium extraction from the ceramic material under irradiation. Neutronic and thermo-hydraulic calculations and an initial measurement of tritium release from the model under reactor irradiation have been performed.

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