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Overview of the Filling Station for LMJ Cryogenic Targets

R. Collier, E. Fleury, O. Vincent-Viry, F. Viargues, P. Baclet

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 51 / Number 4 / May 2007 / Pages 758-763

Technical Paper

The "CEA cryogenic target fabrication project" includes many fields as material science, and technological research on the Cryogenic Target Assembly (CTA), DT filling and cryogenic transport to the Laser "M├ęgajoule" (LMJ). The research program to fill and transport CTAs to LMJ in 2010 is described. During the past 2 years, many designs and prototyping have been achieved allowing, at the end of the decade, the filling of CTAs by permeation.

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