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Plasma Polarization Spectroscopy on Cusp Plasma and GAMMA 10 Tandem Mirror Plasma

A. Iwamae, M. Atake, A. Sakaue, M. Yoshikawa, T. Kobayashi, K. Matama (19P11)

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 51 / Number 2T / February 2007 / Pages 244-246

Technical Paper / Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement /

This paper reports the results of the polarization measurements of emission lines from the plasma. The emission lines from helium atoms are polarized in a plasma produced with 2.45 GHz electron cyclotron resonance microwave at the plug-barrier region during EC discharge cleaning. The polarization direction is parallel to the magnetic field. This polarization direction indicates that the electron velocity distribution function is prolate or of a cigar-like shape. The emissions from OII and CIII ions in an ICH plasma at the central region are observed with the polarization separation optics.

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