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QUATOS: A University-Scale Test of the Quasi-Toroidal Stellarator Concept

Christopher Watts, Rex F. Gandy, James D. Hanson, Gregory J. Hartwell, Stephen F. Knowlton, Paul Garabedian, Antonino Carnevali

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 37 / Number 3 / May 2000 / Pages 211-224

Technical Paper /

A university-scale concept exploration experiment is proposed to investigate the improved confinement properties of the quasi-toroidal stellarator. The experiment would investigate three issues germane to a larger proof-of-principle experiment: first, the improved neoclassical confinement through measurement of the ion temperature dependence on axisymmetry; second, the impact of internal currents on the stability of this configuration; and third, the effect of the reduced viscosity on plasma rotation and the formation of transport barriers.

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