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Fabrication Preparation of ITER Vacuum Vessel - Material Considerations, Regulatory Requirements, and Fabrication Plans

K. Ioki, C. H. Choi, E. Daly, S. Dani, J. Davis, B. Giraud, C. Hamlyn-Harris, G. Johnson, L. Jones, C. Jun, B. C. Kim, E. Kuzmin, R. Le Barbier, J-M. Martinez, H. Pathak, J. Preble, J. Reich, J. W. Sa, A. Terasawa, Yu. Utin, X. Wang, S. Wu

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 61 / Number 2 / February 2012 / Pages 154-158

Technical Paper / First Joint ITER-IAEA Technical Meeting on Analysis of ITER Materials and Technologies /

SS 316 L(N)-IG (ITER grade) has been selected as the main structural material for the ITER vacuum vessel (VV), considering its high mechanical strength at operating temperatures, water chemistry properties, excellent fabrication characteristics, and low cost relative to other candidates. The ITER VV is a class-2 box structure as defined in RCC-MR, 2007 edition, which was selected as the code for the design and construction. This paper describes materials, applied code and regulatory requirements, baseline fabrication procedures, and assembly on the site.

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