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A Study on Carbon and Hydrogen Co-Deposition Behavior in Methane-Hydrogen Mixed Plasma

S. Kasahara, K. Katayama, T. Fujiki, S. Ishikawa, S. Fukada, M. Nishikawa

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 60 / Number 4 / November 2011 / Pages 1487-1490

Interaction with Materials / Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Tritium Science and Technology (Part 2) /

Tritium retention in carbon deposition is known to be a serious problem in a fusion reactor. In the present study, co-deposition behavior of carbon and hydrogen was investigated by using methane-hydrogen mixed plasma. It has been shown that formation of the carbon deposition was suppressed at temperatures higher than 150 °C. However, a small amount of carbon deposition was observed even at a high temperature of 300 °C. From mass balance calculation, it was estimated that a majority of carbon decomposed in the plasma was transported to the vacuum pumping system.

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