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VENUS+f: A Bootstrap Current Calculation Module for 3-D Configurations

M. Yu. Isaev, S. Brunner, W. A. Cooper, T. M. Tran, A. Bergmann, C. D. Beidler, J. Geiger, H. Maassberg, J. Nührenberg, M. Schmidt

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 50 / Number 3 / October 2006 / Pages 440-446

Technical Paper / Stellarators /

A new three-dimensional code, VENUS+f, for neoclassical transport calculations in nonaxisymmetric toroidal systems is presented. Numerical drift orbits from the original VENUS code and the f method developed for tokamak transport calculations are combined. The first results obtained with VENUS+f are compared with neoclassical theory for different collisional regimes in a JT-60 tokamak test case both for monoenergetic particles and for a Maxwellian distribution; good agreement is found. Successful benchmarking of the bootstrap current in the Wendelstein 7-X configuration with the DKES code for different collisionality regimes as well as further VENUS+f developments are described.

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