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Past 25 Years Results for Large Amount of Tritium Handling Technology in JAEA

Toshihiko Yamanishi et al.

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 60 / Number 3 / October 2011 / Pages 1083-1087

Concept and Facility / Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Tritium Science and Technology /

Tritium Process Laboratory (TPL) in Japan Atomic Energy Agency has been established as the only facility to handle over 1 gram of in Japan on 1985. Since March 1988, TPL has been operated with tritium, and no tritium release accident has been observed. The average tritium concentration in a stream from a stack of the TPL to environment was 71 Bq/m3, and was 1/70 of the Japanese regulation value for HTO. The failure data have been analyzed for several main components of the safety systems such as pumps, valves, and monitors. The tritium waste data has also been accumulated as liquid and solid waste from TPL. A series of accountancy technologies for tritium has been developed through the operation of TPL from 1985.

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