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Global Evaluation of Prompt Dose Rates in ITER Using Hybrid Monte Carlo/Deterministic Techniques

A. M. Ibrahim, M. E. Sawan, S. W. Mosher, T. M. Evans, D. E. Peplow, P. P. Wilson, J. C. Wagner

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 60 / Number 2 / August 2011 / Pages 676-680

Nuclear Analysis & Experiments / Proceedings of the Nineteenth Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy (TOFE) (Part 2) /

The hybrid Monte Carlo (MC)/deterministic techniques - Consistent Adjoint Driven Importance Sampling (CADIS) and Forward Weighted CADIS (FW-CADIS) - enable the full 3-D modeling of very large and complicated geometries. The ability of performing global MC calculations for nuclear parameters throughout the entire ITER reactor was demonstrated. The 2 m biological shield (bioshield) reduces the total prompt operational dose by six orders of magnitude. The divertor cryo-pump port results in a peaking factor of 120 in the prompt operational dose rate behind the bioshield of ITER. The equatorial port, plugged by 2 m of shielding, increases the prompt dose rate behind the bioshield by a factor of 47. The peak values of the prompt dose rates at the back surface of the bioshield were 240 Sv/hr and 94 Sv/hr corresponding to the regions behind the divertor cryo-pump port and the equatorial port, respectively.

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