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Analysis of the Complex Interferometry Diagnostics Applicability to Deuterium Clusters Spatial Density Distribution Measurement

Michaela Martinkova, Milan Kalal, Yong Yoo Rhee

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 60 / Number 1T / July 2011 / Pages 84-89

Interactions of high-intensity femtosecond lasers with deuterium clusters leading to Coulomb explosions and subsequent production of fusion neutrons have attracted considerable attention in recent years. In order to maximize the neutron yield, finding the dependence of clusters size and their spatial distribution on the experimental conditions has become very important. In this paper, we analyze the possibility of measuring the spatial distributions of deuterium clusters experimentally by using the complex interferometry diagnostics. For this purpose, close-to-reality computer-generated interferograms were produced, which included a small phase-shift disturbance modeling the clusters. Subsequent analysis of these interferograms provided results that identified this diagnostics as potentially suitable for such measurements.

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