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Nondestructive Quantitative Dopant Profiling Technique by Contact Radiography

H. Huang, R. B. Stephens, S. A. Eddinger, J. Gunther, A. Nikroo, K. C. Chen, H. W. Xu

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 49 / Number 4 / May 2006 / Pages 650-656

Technical Paper / Target Fabrication /

We have developed the only non-destructive technique to profile graded dopants in ICF shells to the precision required by the NIF specifications (Doping level must be accurate to 0.03 at. % and its radial distribution accurate to submicron precision). This quantitative contact radiography method was based on precision film digitization and a dopant simulation model. The measurements on Cu/Be and Ge/CH shells agree with those from electron microprobe and X-ray fluorescence.

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