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Fabrication, Injection, and Tracking of Fast Ignition Targets: Status and Future Prospects

T. Norimatsu, D. Harding, R. Stephens, A. Nikroo, R. Petzoldt, H. Yoshida, K. Nagai, Y. Izawa

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 49 / Number 3 / April 2006 / Pages 483-499

Technical Paper / Fast Ignition /

The current status of the fabrication, injection, and tracking of fast ignition targets is summarized including on cryogenic technologies for direct-drive, laser fusion targets with and without a reentrant guide cone for additional heating lasers. The fabrication of low-density foam and the drilling of fragile foam shells are current issues in the fabrication of fast ignition targets with reentrant cones. Fuel loading to the targets is a challenging issue in the mass-production process of the targets for a fusion power plant. Two fuel-loading methods are proposed for the fast ignition target with the cone. Preliminary experiments of injection and tracking of real-size targets have started showing promising results.

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