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Engineering-Physical Tokamak T-15MD and Steady-State Injection

E. A. Azizov, V. M. Leonov, A. A. Panasenkov, G. N. Tilinin, P. P. Khvostenko

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 59 / Number 1T / January 2011 / Pages 180-183

This paper presents the main parameters and design of proposed T-15MD tokamak. The installation is meant for demonstration of the tokamak two-component operating mode and for steady state operation problems-solving with a plasma current drive (CD) at a level of about 1 MA. Injection of hydrogen neutral beams with a power up to 8 MW is chosen as the main method for noninductive CD. For an electron temperature increase it is supposed to use ECH power up to 6 MW at a frequency of 110 GHz. Parameters of an ion source IVIS KS with a power of 3 MW which is under development for the T-15MD and the main characteristics of the NB injectors are described. Results of preliminary calculations of the tokamak plasma parameters are presented.

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