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Characterization of the Microshell Surface Using Holography

C. Hermerel, A. Choux, L. Jeannot, E. Busvelle, P. Merillot, O. Legaie

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 59 / Number 1 / January 2011 / Pages 110-115

Technical Paper / Nineteenth Target Fabrication Meeting /

To characterize the shape, the quality, and the roughness of microshells, digital holographic microscopy technology is used because it offers an appropriate ability to these studies. It captures holograms to reconstruct a double image, one for the intensity and another one for the phase. Using rotation axis, bump counting for the complete microshell surface is possible with a very high speed. Using image stitching and three-dimensional surface rebuilding software, mapping can be done in a few minutes. Each bump can then be characterized on the map by its position, diameter, and height.

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