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Maximum Value of the Resonant Tunneling Current Through the Coulomb Barrier

Xing Zhong Li, Chong Xin Li, Hai Feng Huang

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 36 / Number 3 / November 1999 / Pages 324-330

Technical Paper /

Based on three major anomalous phenomena in 9 yr of research on nuclear reactions in solids, researchers assume that a resonant tunneling model explains the experimental observation. Using a square-well configuration, the maximum resonant tunneling current through the Coulomb barrier is shown to be of the order of 1/, while the nonresonant tunneling current is of the order of 1/2 (1/2 is the Gamow tunneling factor). The distinction between the resonant tunneling model and the compound nucleus model is discussed. Particularly, the ion energy band in the deuteride is invoked to generate the necessary long lifetime (d + d)x state. This resonant tunneling model might provide a mechanism for low-energy nuclear transmutation as well.

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