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Evidence for Three-Body Deuteron Fusion in Titanium-Deuteride Under Low-Energy D+-Beam Implantation

Kentaro Ochiai, Katsuhiko Maruta, Hiroyuki Miyamaru, Akito Takahashi

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 36 / Number 3 / November 1999 / Pages 315-323

Technical Paper /

To look for the signature of coherent multibody fusion, experiments of D-beam implantation were carried out using a highly preloaded TiDx (x = 1.4) target and a counter telescope of a E-E charged-particle spectrometer. As a result of the experiments, two unique particles were repeatedly observed, namely, 3He (4.75 MeV) and triton (4.75 MeV) from 3D fusion proposed by a new class of fusion theory in solids. The two unique charged particles were identified as products of the reaction channel of 3D to t + 3He + 9.5 MeV by the combinational analyses of one- and two-dimensional data. The experimentally obtained 3D fusion rate was of the order of 103 fusions/s, a surprisingly large value, which was enhanced ~1026 times compared with the traditional theory of random (noncoherent) D-D reaction and its sequential D-D-D reaction process.

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